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Would you like to learn a new language but hesitate because you think it could be too difficult to achieve? Do you need to improve your English but are unsure as to how to go about it? Have you moved to Italy or are here for a work or study period and need to learn Italian or improve your Italian?
Then Universal Speaking is exactly what you need!

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SIELE Certification

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Spanish Certification

SIELE, which stands for (Servicio Internacional de evaluación de la lengua Española) is a service that evaluates and certifies all areas of a student’s knowledge of the Spanish language, testing their written and oral comprehension skills, together with writing and spoken expression proficiency. According to the score obtained, this comprehensive online exam certifies the candidate’s Spanish language skills between Levels A1 and C1.

This certification service is supported by the Cervantes Institute, the “Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México”, the “Universidad de Salamanca” and the “Universidad de Buenos Aires”, all of which guarantee the authentication and quality of this officially-recognised certificate. In addition, SIELE is the first digital certificate for the evaluation of a student’s Spanish language level, with international-acknowledgement, using a score rating which is in line with the guidelines of the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages”, abbreviated in English as CEFR or CEF or CEFRL. Therefore, it is a quick, convenient and efficient way to demonstrate a student’s level of proficiency in the Spanish language.

In collaboration with the TRAIN ME s.r.l.s exam centre in Genoa, Universal Speaking is accredited for the administrating of the SIELE exams.

So why choose SIELE?

  • For its quick turnaround speed: the exam is taken completely online and, therefore, is marked and evaluated with speed (results arrive in just 3 weeks after taking the exam);
  • For its flexibility: You can take the exam every Thursday. If you need more flexibility, you an also choose the date in line with your own schedule. In addition, you can choose to take the complete exam or, should you so wish, take the various parts of the exam at different times; and
  • For its versatility: the exams are widely and officially recognised, being utilisable for both an academic and professional nature.

As for every certification, it is not, of course, compulsory to attend a course before taking the exam, but a preparation course is advisable in order to face the exam with a specific and sound preparation in order to achieve success. To this end, our school provides experienced Spanish teachers, specialised in the preparation of the SIELE exam, who can help and guide you in the most efficient and quickest way to passing the exam.


SIELE GLOBAL (esame completo) | € 155

S1 (comprensione scritta+orale) | € 55

S2 (Comprensione + produzione scritta | € 75

S3 (Comprensione  + produzione orale) | € 100

S4 (Produzione orale) | € 75

S5 (produzione scritta+ produzione orale) | € 100

For further information > https://siele.org/en/home